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What is a Sewer Ejector Pump? A Sewer Ejector Pump is the sewage system device capable of moving huge amounts of sewage from low levels to higher level. This pump is usually equipped in houses and buildings that have a lower drain levels or those who have the drain system in the basement or crawlspace. The Sewer Ejectors are installed where the incapacity of toilets that are located below primary sewer line to dispose sewage matters in gravitational flow not only the toilets all other drains that is connected to the same disposal system share the same Sewer Ejector Pump. The Sewer Ejector Pump is the backbone of any drainage system. Nearly all homes rely on gravity to discharge waste, but when that doesn't provide enough force; an ejector pump is generally considered to be the best safeguard against backup. If the Sewer Ejector Pump fails then it can result in very heavy damages by flooding the wastewater and sewage in your basements and crawlspaces. Mr. Rescue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the only company that can come in less then 45 minuets when you have any a broken Sewer Ejector Pump. Even a small amount of sewage leaking into your home can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention hazardous mold and mildew growth. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is never an over time charge and you know the price before we do any work. Nights, Weekends or holidays light flashing Rescue Plumbers are always available
How Sewer Ejector Pump works? For the homes and structures those are build without the gravitational draining system, the sewer ejector pump is essential to crush or break down the solid wastes before pumping them to the public sewer lines. The Sewer Ejector System consists of a pit a tank or a container, the pump, float, check valve and fittings. The tank or the pit has limited storage capacity; therefore, when sewage matters reach a certain level inside the tank, the 'float' rises. This float triggers the pump to turn on and makes pumping continuous. After the float falls down, the ejector automatically switches off. In bathrooms, ejector pumps are large holes located on floors where pumps will accumulate wastes from plumbing fixtures. These waste materials are then pushed up with the force that pump produces in to the drain and is then ejected from plumbing systems. The damages may also be acquired by the sewer ejectors. The flushing items such as cotton swabs, diapers, napkins, condoms, papers, and other non-biodegradable materials will greatly affect the process of pumping. This may cause leaks, clogging and other sewage troubles.
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Kinds of Sewer Ejector Pump Vertical Suspended Pump Vertical Wastewater Pumps automatically remove waste fluids from a wet well. The vertical Suspended Pumps are used when it is desirable to have the motor above the floor level. As name shows the vertical pump is suspended and supported by a floor plate. The floor plate is larger than the opening in the wet well cover and rests on the wet well cover. The opening in the wet well cover is obtained by the size of the pump case. An upright model is supported by feet and rests on the wet well floor. This type of pump is attached to the top of the holding tank. From the pump, a drain discharge pipe goes to the disposal system. These types of pumps are very easy to repair and maintain.
Submersible Sewer Ejector Pump As the name indicates these pumps are submerged inside a basin. These Sewage Ejectors units normally handle up to 2-inch spherical solids and range from 1/3 to 1 horsepower. Sewage submersible ejectors come in two different kinds. Non-clogs and Grinders.

  • Non-clogs have the ability to pump high volume and can handle solids from 2 inches thru 4 inches and are used both in residential and commercial lift stations.

  • Grinder Pumps grind solids instead of passing them. They are sized only for residential or small commercial locations, often pumping to a pressure sewer system but also in gravity sewers with high vertical lifts or long horizontal runs. The farther the distance the waste must be lifted, the more powerful the pump must be to do the job.

Sewage Grinder Ejector Pump

As the name explains these are the kind of sewer ejector pumps that grind the water particles in the waste drain and makes the waste almost non clog able. They are also called No Clog Ejector Pump. A no clog ejector pump is able to handle waste which is 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The sewage grinder ejector pump acts much like a garbage disposal and will break waste up into much smaller pieces before pumping on to the main sewer lines.

Duplex Control Sewer Ejector Pump

As the name shows these pumps are also called dual pump system. The duplex control system uses two pumps, called the lead pump and the lag pump. Both pumps are turned on and off by floats installed in the pit or pump container that is the initial receptacle of the sewage. When the level in the sump lifts the lowest float, the float activates a switch and the lead pump starts and runs until the level falls back below the bottom float. The bottom float lowers and disconnects the power from the pump.

Simplex Control Sewer Ejector Pump

A simplex control system depends on a float to start and stop the pump. As the name indicates these pumps consist of the single pump system. So In the case of simplex control, there is only one pump, one switch and one float. When the level in the sump rises to the float, the pump is switched on and runs until the level falls below the float. As its name implies, the simplex system is indeed simpler. It is also cheaper.


If the pump fails in a simplex system, however, the entire system fails. With the duplex system, one pump will continue to operate when the other has failed, allowing continued use while the other pump is repaired or replaced. The duplex system also provides reserve pumping capacity, allowing the pumps to be sized slightly smaller than with the simplex system, which will ultimately reduces the energy coast
off on any Sewer Ejector Pump Installed or Replaced
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Sewage ejector repair tips.

  • Ejector pump stuck in on position? Reason may be the float switch is sticking but you won't know until we actually check the ejector pump.

  • Sewage ejector pit smells? Most likely you'll have to seal the pit cover or lid with silicone sealant or gasket. Inspect any piping opening too. There is a chance the pit sewer vent is clogged.

  • If you need professional to install, repair and fix your sewer ejector pump. Call Mr. Rescue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning .
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Mr Rescue Plumbing and Drain Cleaning are expert to install – repair – replace the following pumps
• Septic Pumps
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• Grinder Pumps
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• Flotec
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• Grundfos Pumps Corporation
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• Little Giant
• Liberty Pumps
• Myers
• Superior
• Tsurumi Pumps
• Wayne Pumps
• Zoeller Pumps
• Grinder pumps
• Utility, pedestal, & gas engine pumps
• Sewage & Dewatering pumps
• Sump, Effluent, Dewatering pumps

Maintaining the sewage ejector pump.

Don't Flush These Items Down the Toilet - They Clog or Burn Up the Grinder Pump

• Cigarette butts
• Clothes dryer sheets
• Condoms
• Cotton swabs
• Disposable wipes
• Latex condoms, gloves
• Paper towels
• Panty liners
• Plastic bags
• Sanitary napkins
• Tampons
• Any other solid, semi-solid objects
Need to install new sewage ejector?

If you have a toilet or a sink drain which is below the nearest sewer or septic line, then the the waste from the drain must be lifted to the level of the main drain.

A sewage ejector pump solves this problem and is used when wastewater cannot flow to its destination by means of gravity. Mr. Rescue Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is expert in sewage ejector repair, replacement and installation.
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